Freshwater Pearl 925 Solid Sterling Silver Sunshine Ring
Freshwater Pearl 925 Solid Sterling Silver Sunshine Ring
Freshwater Pearl 925 Solid Sterling Silver Sunshine Ring

Freshwater Pearl 925 Solid Sterling Silver Sunshine Ring

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Freshwater Pearl 925 Solid Sterling Silver Handmade Elegant designer Ring custom sizes 3 to 14 (US)

Product Details

• Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver

• Stone Used: Freshwater Pearl

• Pearl Shape: Free Natural Shape Round

• Pearl Size: 8 mm

• Pearl Color: White/Ivory/Creme

• Handmade Ring

• All Custom Ring Sizes are Available from 3 to 14 (US).

• Proudly 925 Stamped.

• High quality finished product.

• Kindly measure the exact Ring Size before order. 

• Kindly mention your Exact Ring size in Order.

• Ships worldwide from India

Pretty pearls are such type gem Stones that can be worn casually during the day and may add a touch of individual glamour to an evening party.

Shaped as round, the best quality pearls will shimmer with a beautiful pearlescence. They are typically 1 mm to 14 mm in diameter, with all the amazing natural white, pink and orange colors of freshwater pearls.

Pearls are cultured pearls mostly farmed today in China in freshwater mussels in rivers, lakes, or streams. The pearl farmer will insert a flat round nucleus made of the shell to help the mussel from the shape of the pearl, turning the shell so that there is an equal thickness of the nacre on both sides of the pearl. This process can take up to a year before the pearl is ready.

Choosing exactly when to remove the pearl from the mussel is important. Too soon, and the nacre will be very thin, with the shape of the disc nucleus being quite visible. Too late and the pearl will begin to take on more a non-symmetrical shape.

The highest quality coin pearls with a perfectly round shape, excellent nacre, excellent surface quality, and size over 12 mm are really quite rare and are bought and sold individually by specialist dealers.

We look for coin pearls that have a thick coating of nacre. Often these pearls will have some shape or surface irregularities, such as flame-like tails or small bumps, but we love the way that these add to the character of the jewelry. Their flat shape will lie beautifully and comfortably around the neck. If you are not familiar with coin pearls, view our collections of Freshwater pearl jewelry.

If you have difficulty sticking with tasks, decisions, or relationships, onyx may help you to remain grounded in your choices and see your decisions through. Those who have difficulty with commitment can benefit from wearing onyx or keeping it nearby. 

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